Meet the cast!

The Unearthed cast consists of Jake Oorloff, Venuri Perera, Tracy Jayasinghe, Sulakshani Perera and Prasanna Mahagamage.

Jake OorloffIt’s been an interesting exercise in finding common ground between Sally’s movement based approach to performance, and my own interest in text based performance. The process of collaborating with another artist to find a common language can be challenging; it forces one to question, re-examine, defend, and assent to co-create .The result is a deeper understanding of one’s own work and appreciation of the other’s. 

Venuri PereraUnearthed to me is finding different ways of relating to the space, objects in the space, and bodies in the space while exploring the layers of these relationships; the intimate, the mundane, the  violence  through body, memory and text.

Tracy Jayasinghe– Unearthed has been an interesting and challenging process to be a part of. As performers you always look to venture into different forms of the art and constantly learn and be challenged by the unfamiliar. This project has offered me a place for exactly that. I realized how complacent i had become in text based work that the element of movement had suffered through the years. It was refreshing to revisit, familiarising myself with my body as well broadening and discovering the scope of movement within myself, through Sally and Ruhanie’s process.

Prasanna Mahagamage– While working with objects in the space and objects we encounter in our day to day lives has been an interesting experience, for me the highlight of the creation process of Unearthed has been exploring my own body through the movement and working with the other performers who all come from different creative backgrounds.

Sulakshani Perera– This has been an opportunity to explore a different type of theatre, one that incorporates movement in order to tell a story in an absurdist light interspersed with mundane. I also feel that the nature of Unearthed will encourage the Sri Lankan theatre community to look beyond the boundaries and venture into new territory. The text used as the centre point for Unearthed – 21 love poems by Adrienne  Rich – also drew me to project. Although in essence it’s a string of poems about love and intimacy, I find it fascinating that Rich has managed to incorporate political ideology and violence into her writings.

Photographs by Shehal Joseph. More photographs on our Facebook page!

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