Our supporters

Photograph by Shehal Joseph

Unearthed was awarded an ‘Artists International Development’ grant, jointly funded by Arts Council England and British Council. Unearthed was one out of only twenty-five project proposals to succeed the applicant process, which attracted a total of 291 applications.

In addition to both companies investing into the project from our own resources, we also launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds. This is first time a Sri Lankan theatre company successfully raised money on Kickstarter. Watch our Kickstarter video here. A list of all our generous individual backers who supported us through Kickstarter is available on our main websites – Floating Space and Sally E. Dean.

We spent several weeks looking for the perfect site to create and perform Unearthed and we were extremely lucky to have had Hiranthi Amarasekera donate her lovely house in Pita Kotte to us for three weeks to create and perform Unearthed. The house – the rooms, it’s furniture, the objects has inspired and shaped the performance and came complete with an adorable Labrador, Ranger, who unfortunately could not be incorporated into the performance!

Several workshops, including a 10 day Skinner Releasing Technique intensive and ‘The Art’s Manager’s Starter Kit’ lecture were conducted under the Unearthed project.   The Nelung Arts Centre, Colombo supported us by providing studio space for SRT intensive while the Goethe-Institut, Colombo generously gave us their space for the lecture.

Documentation and publicity are vital for any production and some amazing photos were clicked by Shehal Joseph and Menika van der Poorten for Unearthed.

Fund raising for the arts in Sri Lanka is no easy task and sometimes most impossible. We are extremely lucky to have these generous organisations and individuals not only in Sri Lanka, but also the UK, the US and several other countries who believed in the potential of Unearthed and came forward to support it.

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